Dear Sir,
I totally agree with Palestinian Mafia boss Abbas breaking off talks about a two-state deal with Israel (re: which your columnists, Hugh Ash and Ray Fleming, commented on) and signing a load of hypocritical UN tosh.
Abbas would be very much at home at the UN, sitting there with his mates, that bunch of bent tyrants, feudal monarchs, mad mullahs and communist thugs who’ve already hijacked the place.
I’m particularly grateful to Mr. Fleming explaining the UN ‘conventions’ Abbas will sign up to cover treaties against torture, corruption, racism and human rights.
Abbas is an expert on these matters, since he’s guilty at committing the lot
R. Mellor
Palma Nova

Dear Sir,
Before he goes off on more questionable hyperbole Ray Fleming might like to know international law is nowhere near as clear as he claims about the status of what he calls ‘illegal, Israeli-occupied’ Palestinian territories. The last power to have recognised sovereignty over them was the Ottoman Turkish Empire, so their status is ‘disputed’, whatever an Arab-loaded United Nations says.
The very reason for talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel is to end this state of limbo, not helped by the Arab party turning down the offer of an independent country, time after time after time, because it demands to dictate the terms.
If Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan had acted the way Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas have done, the Second World War would still be raging.
W.J.L. Perry,


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