Dear Sir,
In response to George Tunnells letter (MDB 22 April) may I state the obvious ?
All that cyclists need to do to stay safe and not incur the wrath of other road users is for them to obey the law, use their common ( ? ) sense and to have consideration for others - be they motorists or pedestrians.
Many motorists are also bike-riders, so can see the bigger picture but not all motorists have the desire to or are able to “get on a bike themselves” as Mr Tunnell suggests.
All we want is a level playing field - all should be considerate and all should be law-abiding. There are severe penalties for motorists who break the law but none  it seems for cyclists.
Unfortunately, when there is an accident, cyclists can be badly injured or killed as they have little protection. Surely they should value their own lives at least and cycle in a safe manner.
Name withheld

Dear Sir,
In the build up to the Scottish referendum the NO campaign continues to shoot itself in the foot. Now Gordon Brown is joining them to point out that if the Scots leave the union their pension funds could suffer a deficit (Daily B Tuesday). Not only does he highlight the deficit but he can specify it exactly at £500 million. This ex- Chancellor of the Exchequer has a fantastic record on deficits.
For 10 years he was in charge of the British economy travelling the globe meeting with all the movers and shakers in politics, finance and industry.
He should have been one of the most in touch politicians on the world economy. At one time he was favoured to become head of the IMM (International Monetary Fund).
In June 2007 he became Prime Minister and by September was on a wave of popularity with soaring poll ratings.
That same month Northern Rock first approached the Bank of England for a bail out signalling the start of the financial crisis we are still in. If he missed these World shaking deficits what hope for his pension forecasts?
As the gap between the YES and NO vote narrows Alex Salmond must be praying that another Scottish ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair joins his opposition, shoots it in the foot again and brings him an unexpected victory.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma


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