Dear Sir,
Having read Ray Fleming’s recent comments  on  David Cameron’s efforts to knock  some sense into the duplicitous Europhile wets over the appointment of  Jean-Claude    Junker, it occurs to me that his  prejudices do not serve the MDB well.
What concerns me is that unlike other commentators, he hasn’t begun to appreciate what Cameron is about, and who was far from being humiliated by last week’s events.  If anyone should have been humiliated, it was Mrs Merkel who believed Juncker was not the right candidate, but caved into her socialist coalitionist the left wing German press. And then, hey presto, the anti Juncker PM’s of Sweden and Holland, formerly Cameron’s allies, were told by Germany to toe the line. One wonders what blackmail was applied.
And after this utter shambles, we have Schauble, Merkel’s close ally, making a grandiose appeasing statement that the thought of the UK’s leaving the EU would be ‘unimaginable and a disaster’. It sure would be for the rest of the EU countries, even if they could bolster their reserves by inviting Albania to become a member.
Just think of the small inefficient farmers of Germany and France who would feel the absence of the UK’s contribution – the second largest in the EU – to the (Un)Common Agricultural Policy.
Cameron knew exactly what he was doing last week in Brussels, by looking at the UK’s long term interests, and by starting the campaign to separate the Eurozone federalist team players from the rugged non-conforming individualists, while maintaining some semblance of economic cooperation with the former. The scene is now set for Cameron to spell out the details, and to show the Europhilliacs that he means business.
As a footnote, I noticed that Mr Fleming, in his customary biased way, made no mention of Ed Miliband’s embarrassing, truculant and pathetic reaction to last week’s events. Surely some balance is called for.
Yours faithfully
Andrew Ferg uson
Palma de Majorca


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