Magalluf Shame

Dear Sir,
As a regular, long-time visitor to Majorca, I first came to the island in the 1960’s when Magalluf was a few hotels catering for families, I am at a loss to understand why the appalling behaviour of young, mainly British visitors is accepted within the law. Surely, Spanish law covers being drunk in public, obscenity, and other offensive behaviour? Is it not possible to arrest and lock up these unacceptable visitors, until eventually, it is understood that Majorca will not tolerate them, and so the area can be returned to a suitable destination for people whose behaviour is acceptable? 

To need to make a profit from tourism and individual businesses is understandable, but it must not sink to such levels of abuse of the victims, the local people who have to clean up the disgusting results, and the overall reputation of British visitors.

Barbara Joyce, UK


Dear Sir,

Many sensational articles have appeared in Spanish and British newspapers and terrible damage is being done to the Majorcan tourist industry - the focus has been on the disgusting behaviour or our rampaging drunken teenagers and their half naked lewd girls.
While acknowledging that all these lurid stories are probably true, please could we maintain a sensible attitude to this worrying problem. It must be kept in perspective. My eldest grandson and seven friends were allowed to spend 5 days in Magalluf to celebrate passing their A levels - Their parents were quite confident that their children would not take part in such debauchery as they were all brought up to respect the law, their elders, christian principles and to value a decent education. They all enjoyed a good holiday with no unpleasant incidents whatsoever.
The few hundred disaffected youngsters that have shocked Europe have unfortunately been born into a world of drugs, single parents on benefits, a poor education devoid of ,moral values and they face a hopeless life of crime on the streets. What do you expect when such parents and todays teachers do not make the slightest effort to discipline or control or even look after these children?
One could also mention the seemingly endemic corruption here in Majorca amongst officials and the recent stories of bribery of our own British police. I wonder why Magalluf council is incapable of enforcing the law and why the police are turning a blind eye? The reasons would be interesting. Could someone give me an exact figure of the shed loads of money received by the tourist industry and bars, pubs and hotels who continue to ply these kids with endless alcohol? They can throw up their hands in horror but the word hypocrisy comes to mind.
Could I suggest to the council that they build a “cool off tank” which is the latest idea for our large inner cities at home. Apparently the senseless drunken bodies on our streets will all be thrown into one large room to defecate, urinate and vomit there till they sober up, instead of creating chaos in our overstretched A & E departments. Now that is a sensible idea.

Shiela Peczenik


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