Dear Sir,
Regarding the goings-on in Magalluf: the drunkenness, debaucheries and what Hugh Ash referred to as “mamading” is not something confined to the British adolescent lower classes.
Similar activities have also been a part of life at the very highest levels of our aristocracy.
Ask Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies.
David Lee

Dear Sir,
I read your interesting Magalluf article today by the talented Hugh Ash.
Maybe I’m naïve but I don’t understand all the fuss. Its a worldwide epidemic of the majority of today’s teenagers.
There’s a much bigger picture to this. And a lot worse going on in Zante!
Surely we need to look at today’s youth and parenting. Our four children thoroughly enjoy Magalluf without being on You Tube having oral sex.
Sensibility must prevail. I have various suggestions I can guarantee will curb the enthusiasm.
NO alcohol or tattoos under age of 21.
Instant prison for any drugs offences, including partaking for recreational purposes.
However we know the Majorcan economy will be destroyed with these regulations. So let’s make it very clear money/profiteering come first & all this pretence of shock & horror is laughable.
We should also be looking at the Friday/Saturday nights ‘enjoyed’ by teenagers within the UK. This is not an export that will win the Queens Award for UK Exports!


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