Dear Sir,

Regarding the Magalluf incident, I would like to point out that this sort of thing has been going on for 30 years , I used to work in El Arenal in the 80s and also Magalluf , naughty drinking games ending in sex acts were common place, at least weekly. But this is what the youngsters want , they enjoy extremes .

Just so I don’t rant on , I will get on with my opinion . Don’t ban it. Just don’t associate Magalluf with Majorca, ring fence Magalluf , make a point of what goes on in Magalluf does in fact stay there, and not spill out into other resorts. Magalluf is a party resort, promote it to the young but keep them out of the other resorts. Police Magalluf within the realms of the law, keep it sensible but fun. If the press had not picked up on this no one would give a dam. The revenue Magalluf brings in must be tremendous, why would the local council want to change this , have they forgotten when the English left for a number of years in the mid to late 80s and went to the Greek islands . There was tumble weed going down the streets of El Arenal, and still to this day El Arenal has about a hundred less bars and virtually no clubs.

If, as they say Magalluf is cleaned up, who do they expect is going to go there , as with El Arenal , the accommodation is made for the young , the rooms are small , it is what it is , a budget resort where the young go to have fun and be outrageous but don’t think this latest outrage is new , its been going on for at least 30 years.

I am still in touch with other workers and old club owners from the 80s who can corroborate all this and I am sure would be happy to be interviewed.


Nick Quincey



Dear Sir,

As a regular traveller to Majorca during 40 year on over 200 visits to promote the Island to the media, I have often helped with guests´ problems including lost Passports. On Friday on the way from the airport to Finca Dalt Murada I dropped my Passport in the taxi. While it was interesting going through the search process it was really worrying when it happened to me.

While I was reporting the loss to a very helpful and sympathetic Helen as the Consulate the Dalt Murada traced the taxi driver, Najim of Taxi Palma who returned the document to my hotel. A big gracias to everyone for being muy simpático.

Doug Goodman,

Head of Doug Goodma



Dear Sir,

We recently booked air tickets for a short UK break, only to find, on entering the Advance Passenger Info that for the first time ever I’d carelessly overlooked my passport renewal, during a long recovery from a broken ankle.

We contacted the British Consulate in Palma who calmly and quickly provided an Emergency Travel Document for around €121. On our return, a friend died in the UK but we had returned the ETD to the BC straightaway as requested and we didn’t know whether a further trip could be added to it anyway. Hence we could not attend the funeral.

I made a passport renewal application online and on 23 May posted my expired passport etc to Belfast where it was received on 29 May. Eventually the tracking system showed that the declaration form was being examined and processed. However more than six weeks has now passed since 29 May and I have been unable to obtain any information regarding the publicised delays. One auto email suggested a quick visit a British HMPO. Without a passport to enter the UK?

I don’t see why Brits abroad should have to pay more than UK residents for passports etc. Also, having had to pay for one ETD already, I don’t see why, as a pensioner, I should have to pay for another, now that the normal time period for replacement of passports has gone by. Do we really need these multi-page ETDs to allow us to visit the country of our birth? Are they produced in Mallorca? If so, can’t we residents get our renewal passports produced here?

Has anyone any helpful thoughts on the above conundrum please??



Bull run

Dear Sir,

Congratulations to James Brent for his excellent letter concerning the running of the bulls in Pamplona.

I noted that you have printed photos of injured runners, but the important thing to note is that they chose to be there, presumably to demonstrate their ‘bravery’ and ‘masculinity’, whilst the dozens of bulls that are killed during the ‘celebrations’ have no choice in the matter. Can anyone explain to me why we as human beings, consider it our right to torture, maim and kill bulls for pleasure when we would not be allowed, by law, to do the same to a dog?

Annie Sofiano


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