THE incidents in Magalluf we have seen this month are nothing new so why has the resort received more coverage in the British press over the last seven days than David Cameron? It is a difficult question. Now, the infamous sex-game video was seen worldwide but I am told that there are hundreds of similar videos circulating the world wide web. The Spanish media have used this incident to take a swipe at the local authorities for allegedly allowing the tourist industry to move downmarket. The British media have sought to underline the problem of Brits behaving badly abroad. Now, I suspect that Magalluf will soon disappear into the night from pages of the media but it will not be forgotten. The local authorities have said that they will be crackdown on Magalluf and the media will hold them to their word. Any repeat of the events seen in Magalluf over the last 10 days will see a massive media blitz. You have been warned local authorities. Get working on Magalluf.


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