Dear Sir,

I have just been reading the "sad" stories re Magalluf, and may I offer a couple suggestions:





- British people are not used to the "large" measures given in Spain - this would give businesses more profit as they would get more shots out of a bottle of spirit.



They only behave like that because they can get away with it. Most British people would not behave like that at home.

We enjoy at least 2 family holidays each year in Magalluf (with the Hoteles St. Michel Group) and have been pleased to see how the sea front and bars / restaurants at the "strip" end of the beach have been modernised and smartened up over the last few years.

Magalluf is lovely and we are ashamed of the way British (and others) behave when away from their own home town. There is no need for it, you can have a good time without getting wild. So please, cut down the spirit measures and impose normal good behaviour rules.

We will be there again week commencing 28 July.

Regards - Christine Fogwill (Mrs.) and family


Dear Sir,

Mr Prior’s article and Mr Quincey’s letter about Magalluf were both full of common sense and hit the nail on the head.

They both obviously know what they are talking about and have experience of what Magalluf was like, is like and most probably could be like, unlike most other correspondents who have probably never been near the place, especially at night.

What Mr Prior says about the "alternative" entertainment that was available some years ago is correct and was actively promoted by some big names in the area.

Of course, as Mr Prior quite rightly says, this had to be toned down when electronic gadgets and social media became widely available.

As far as I am concerned, having known the place since the early 60’s , there is no easy solution if the demand for this sort of night life is there, especially one that won’t upset at least some members of the local business community, a majority of whom apparently live and vote outside the Calvia boundaries.

Having seen news reports of Friday and Saturday night booze-ups in English cities, Magalluf, or more precisely Calle Punta Ballena, in comparison is quite genteel.

Maybe building a 5 meter wall around the area wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

At least it would keep out certain ladies of the night (remember them ?) who must be wishing that British lasses will carry on making fools of themselves whilst they concentrate on getting on with their real job at hand.

Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow


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