Running of

the Bulls

Dear Sir,

Perhaps James Brent (Letters 11 July) should look differently at The Running of the Bulls. The bulls are paying with their deaths for four years of good life, running naturally with their fellows in the optimum conditions for their well-being. How many of us would see these magnificent beasts if we lived in the UK? There their sole purpose is to inseminate cows (and that artificially - no fun for them!). In fact, this custom should be introduced to Britain so that young men can prove their manhood with their valour, and not as they seem to think, through drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and getting smashed.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs J. French


Football managers

Dear Sir,

In your issue of 15 July, you reported that as a result of the Brazilian football team getting no further than the semi-finals, the manager has been sacked.Compare this with the English football side which lost all its matches and was turfed out of the World Cup in the first week. In this case, far from being fired, the manager has been retained at a salary of £10,000 a day (£3,25 millions a year). If anyone out there knows of any other job paying this kind of money for total failure, please let me know.


David Lee

Rafa Nadal

What a fantastic Ambassador Rafael Nadal is for Majorca. In this weekend’s Sunday Times culture section he gives a short one page interview in which he mentions his grandmother’s Majorcan cake and his preference for Majorcan Quely biscuits. He also highlights in separate references how lucky and happy he is to live in Majorca  that he still has his same school friends in his small Majorcan town. And that at the end of each tournament he goes "straight home to Majorca every time" Great publicity for the island!

Mike Lillico

Playa de Palma


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