Pilot scheme

Dear Sir,


I wish to thank the Daily Bulletinfor their recent interview regarding the project of the Regional Government for a pilot scheme here in Majorca to introduce English speaking residents in to primary schools as volunteers to assist the local teachers teaching English, and by extension the young pupils as well.

As Assistant Director of the Centre Balears Europa and Coordinator of the scheme, I have received a large number of emails from those wishing to participate in the project. In fact there have been so many, and from all parts of the island, that I am currently visiting as many municipalities as I can to talk to those concerned answering their questions and queries.

It shows once again the real interest of those British ex-pats who have chosen Majorca as their adopted home, to be involved in the activities of their local village or area, and to offer support and assistance when possible. My thanks to the Daily Bulletin, and to all those who have come forward as volunteers.

Best regards, Kate Mentink,

Assistant Director, Centre Balears Europa.



Dear Sir,

If I didn’t know our beautiful island and picked up a copy of the MDB (or any UK offering) I would think that Majorca consisted solely of Magalluf. Many of us in the tourist industry are seriously worried about the negative publicity given to this very small part of the island. May I suggest that you start a campaign to promote the positive side - for instance the beautiful unspoilt beaches on the south east which are a world away from Magalluf. The pretty inland towns that welcome visitors, and in my experience, do not charge rip off prices. And, of course, there are the agroturismo hotels where guests can experience a slice of real Majorcan life.

So come on MDB - think positive for a change and let the world know about our diverse and wonderful island.

Annie Sofiano, Porreres


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