Dear Sir,
The saying “There are none so blind as those who will not see” is given new depth of meaning by Ray Fleming in his ‘Looking Around’ article (MDB 20 July 20)
His blindness is so profound that he is apparently unaware of the oft stated basis of Hamas’s existence - not to mention its popularity with the Palestinian Arabs: its non-recognition of, and its immovable dedication to the total destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.
Fleming’s ridiculous assertion that Hamas now accepts Jewish Israel is given the lie by the 100-odd rockets it is raining down indiscriminately upon Israel’s civilian population every day.
But in his almost pathetic indulgence of everything Arab, Fleming is blind to a far more fundamental question: is Islam seeking world-wide domination by the use of violence? Should the Israel-Gaza affair be viewed in isolation? I believe not.
Let’s face it: in this demented slaughterhouse of a world, at least 95% of all the suicide bombings, torture, limb-lopping, piracy, kidnapping, slavery and bestial ill-treatment of its captives can sadly be laid at the door of Islam.
Are the murderous crimes being committed against the civilian populations of The Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Kenya, Indonesia, Chechnya, and Northern China etc, just the beginnings of an intention to terrorise the world into Islamism?
Last week the leader of one or other of these terror organisations said on French TV that Spain is a stolen Islamic land which must be reclaimed.
Is Western Christian civilisation sleep-walking into a future civil war with Islam?
I pray that this is not so. But the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.
So take off your blinkers Mr Fleming. Finding excuses to justify those Jihadists whose stated intention is the destruction of Christianity and Judaism, is not helpful.
David Lee

Dear Sir,
I notice that Gibraltar is back in the news.
I am still awaiting a learned thesis from the Majorca Daily Bulletin investigative journalist Humphrey Carter as to why the “British occupation of Gibraltar is bad” whilst the “Spanish occupation of Ceuta and Melilla is good”.
My best wishes,
Geoff Williamson
Santa Ponsa


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