Dear Sir,
Steve Humphries’ criticism (MDB 23 July) of my letter regarding Ray Fleming’s article (MDB 20 July) is vapid and futile. He completely ignores the central point of my letter which was to highlight the frightening possibility that Islam is using violence to subjugate and dominate certainly the Middle East and North Africa, and, judging by their pronouncements, threatening to do the same to Western Europe.
As to Israel ‘using Gaza as a shooting gallery’, as he claims, when Israel ceded Gaza to Arab control it was a well ordered and productive community. Within one short month of Arafat control its industrial capacity had been destroyed and vandalised. Instead of gratitude for Israel’s largesse, the handing over to Arafat was hailed as a PLO military victory and attacks on Israeli civilians began almost at once and are still going on.
Mr Humphries should really check his facts before venting his spleen against the democratic state of Israel.
As to his criticism of me for taking to task the parents of the four children so sadly killed, I say yet again: any parent who lets his kids out of the house to play football whilst a massive air and sea bombardment is in progress, is showing a remarkable lack of parental responsibility.
Sir, Hamas was elected to power on a two part referendum: an end to Arafat’s utterly corrupt government and a refusal to recognise - as well as the total destruction of - the state of Israel. Were Hamas to adopt a positive and friendly policy towards the Jewish state, I am sure the Israeli government would respond in similar fashion. But I am afraid there is more chance of a July snowstorm in Majorca than there is of that happening.
I suggest that Mr Humphries takes note of the song in the musical Oliver: “On reviewing the situation, I think I better think it out again”.
David Lee

Dear Sir,
David Lee is absolutely correct to point out the dangers of Islamism, for it will, I fear, soon be the major problem facing many European countries. I have visions of “Islamic Wars”dominating the 21st century in Europe in the same way as World War 1 and 2 dominated the 20th century. Extremists have already stated their goal – to re-instate, using terror and warfare, Spain as an Islamic state, just as it was for 700 years till the late 15th century. The same goes for Greece, Turkey and most of Eastern Europe, up to and including Austria and Hungary – all this area they want to claim and include in their “Caliphate”. In the UK, a change is taking place gradually and, so far, peacefully through natural progression. Just 35 years or so from now, due to population growth, Muslims will be in the majority in England (Scotland and Wales should go their own way now, while they have the chance!) and therefore will most likely form the government of the the country. How long then before Sharia law and the extremists take over? That’s when the Christian and non-religious minorities will be threatened and will fight for their very existence. Make no mistake, unless this is countered now, much of Europe and the Balkans will in the not too distant future be engulfed once again in horrendous warfare, not country against country but Islamist extremists versus the way of life we know and currently enjoy.
James Brent


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