Lack of Flights Again
Dear Sir,
Throughout this year, we have constantly been told that winter tourism is improving our wonderful island of Majorca, we are advised more hotels opening, more flights and so on. Yet again this year for tourists, residents and families wishing to travel to and from the island there are no flights from many of the UK airports.
Yet another year is here, On checking today I found that most flights appear to end around the end of October and to not restart until sometime in April. So far the airports I have found that do not include winter flights are Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle, Exeter, Southampton and limited flights to Manchester. The only airports with flights appear to be Bristol and Liverpool surely this is not really practical or encouraging people to come to the island, let alone permitting residents to leave.
Name withheld by request

Dear Sir,
Thank you for publishing on Wednesday and for writing such a clear indictment of David Lee’s outpourings. I certainly could not have expressed my reactions as well as you did.
Elena Davis

Dear Sir,
In rely to Mr Lee’s letter (MDB 24-7) his recollection of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza seems to be viewed through rose tinted spectacles. When members of that ‘ordered and productive community’ were literally carried screaming and kicking from occupied Gaza, having left only what they couldn’t carry, the Israeli Army swiftly closed all land, sea and air borders, starting a blockade that persists to this day. Any hope of a commercial existence died with the punitive actions the Israelis took to lock down the territory and slowly strangle the life out of it. Gaza today is nothing better than an open prison, a ghetto that exists and endures the hardships faced by other ghettos in a distant and different era when Nazis were the occupiers. So sad that the Israeli memory is so short, that it should treat people similar to the way their forefathers were themselves treated.
As to the greater threat of Islam on the world stage, I will confine my argument to the Palestinian cause and repeat my assertion that Israel, with its collective punishments and disproportionate force, deliberately targeting civilians, whether playing on a beach or hiding in their homes, not to mention the targeting of hospitals, have and continue to commit war crimes against the Palestinian people. Of course the chances of them ever answering for their crimes are slim indeed, they continue to enjoy the unquestionable support of the USA, which probably explains America’s unpopularity in the free world. Israel will never find peace as long as they continue to occupy stolen lands.
Steve Humphries


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