Expats considering returning to Britain

Dear Sir,
Your front page banner headline “63% of Expats considering returning to Britain”, repeated in Humphrey Carter’s article on page 3 (Sunday 5 October) filled me with amazement and incredulity.
As one who has lived in the Balearics for more than 30 years, loving almost every moment, and with a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, with similar, or lesser longevity, who appear to share the same feelings about life here, enjoying the peace and tranquility pervading, I can only assume that the figure of 63% discontented, is a typographical error, or applies to those who have a much shorter memory during the recession that seems to be over.
 I retired here from Britain in the late seventies, riven with strikes, riots, galloping inflation and other ills, to an existence of that wonderful life related above.
It is true of course, that the period when I arrived in Spain was characterised by great developments that paved the way for the growth and infrastructure that led to the Balearics in general and Majorca in particular to enjoy a time of expansion and prosperity.
 I used to boast to family and friends back in Britain, that my wife and Icould live with double the standard of living at half the cost!
 Of course these times have ended, but I still believe the quality of life here is superior in almost all departments compared to those in Britain (think of 3 course menus including wine for less than ten euros).
Best of all, or almost the best, is the fantastic climate that prevails, giving us a summer lasting close to nine months of the year.
 To end, apart from those who wish to return home for family reasons (demise of a partner etc), I urge others to think carefully before returning.
 Yours sincerely,
Phil Green
El Toro

Dear Sir,
Andrew Ferguson certainly does not speak for me when he says in a recent letter about Ray Fleming, “a little more positivism and balance in his badly informed ramblings I am sure would be much appreciated by all your readers.”
One may disagree with Ray, but I have followed his writings for many years, and in my opinion he is extremely well informed. I think it is Mr Ferguson who should take a course in semantics.
Kind regards,

Elena Davis


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