Thank you Majorca
Dear Sir,
 Just back from the island and I would like to make some overall comments.
First of all a big thank you to all staff working in the restaurants and bars we visited in the region we always stay for many weeks for their kindness and professional behaviour nevertheless it’s the end of the season.
Therefore coming to the topic for many years, the winter tourism. Although coming here for many, many years, I’ve now been asking around when hotels, bars, restaurants shops etc close and re-open. The final summary is that on average they close from 15 November until 24-25 of January, so in fact a long two months. Is this so dramatic?
My point of view is that the inhabitants and staff working in the tourist industry have a right to have some rest (also the island’s nature I would even assume)
Also this period is required for their holiday but also for refurbishment and all sorts as we like to come back when everything is properly working and spic and span.
As a last point,looking at all environmental matters what would be nice is to ban all these mopeds spitting out exhaust gas and making a terrific noise.
When they come by you smell the gas even  ½ hour later.
See you back in May wonderful country.
Mike & Els
Belgium and Puerto Soller


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