Majorca Closing Up
Dear Sir,
What a ridiculous viewpoint from Humphrey Carter (Tuesday) regarding Majorca hotels closing en masse!
To quote Mr Carter ‘One solution could be that the government sets a limit on the number of hotels which are allowed to close every winter and prevent the hoteliers from calling the shots’.
So Mr Carter, the government should force the nasty hoteliers to remain open and fully staffed during the winter even though there are no tourists or demand for them to stay open. Have you not the slightest idea how a business works. God help us all if the government start to put their unwanted foot in the door. We need less government not more.
Every year in October the same depressing headlines about the end of the season appear in the Daily. It was only a few days ago the front page was boasting three million passengers coming through Palma Airport in September and record numbers overall so far this year.
Once and for all, accept that outside Palma there is little demand during the winter because of the climate. The airlines know this, the hoteliers know it and so do the tourists.
Stephen Cliff,  Cala D’Or

The state of Santa Ponsa
Dear Sir,
I have recently returned from Santa Ponsa where I have enjoyed holidays for the last 10 years or so, but over the last couple of years part of the town have become quite scruffy.  One example of this the square “los jardines”. One shop has “OPEN” light signs flashing all day and evening; more reminiscent of a cheap Asian bazaar than a Spanish resort. Old worn, torn Irish flags hanging from the overhead cables and dirty broken rides for the children to use.
 How can a resort like Santa Ponsa expect to attract new visitors when the amenities are so shabby? If Majorca wants more visitors it needs to get its act together. You can’t just blame the hotels and airlines for not being open at the end of the year with places looking like that.
 I certainly won’t be taking my children back to the square again while it looks as it does .
Name withheld


Dear Sir,
I was happy reading the article regarding the smoke and pollution related to beekeepers and overall pollution.
Indeed it is not acceptable that people burn their garden waste and rubbish during a certain period apparently. But for hikers and beach lovers  it’s not a great experience. On frequent occasions  the hidden valley and parts of the Repic Beach, are partly covered with smoke which sometimes does not disappear unless a gust of wind comes around the corner but the smells stays. In fact overall it is shameful to nature.
Kind regards,
Mike é Els, BelgiumPuerto Soller


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