Dear Sir,
On 1 May, 2013 the TIB bus company introduced their 2013 summer time tables and the community of Santa Ponsa and Costa de la Calma would wake up to the fact that, without any consultation or notification to the people living in these two towns the route of the 104 service would be drastically changed.
It would have a severely adverse effect for the people living and on holiday in the area from Ramon de Moncada to the main square and including the whole of Costa de la Calma.
  I spent the rest of 2013 and up to 22 April 2014, on the telephone to Angie Guerrero or I would email her or meet up with her in Santa Ponsa to try through her office as a Councillor in Calvia to get TIB to reinstate the 104 bus service to it’s former route. TIB were not listening.
I then made contact with a former Calvia Councillor who told me quite strongly that the bus services in each municipality come under the responsibility of the local Town Hall. The person who I contacted told me to write to the Mayor of Calvia.
 I wrote to Manuel Onieva, the Mayor of Calvia on 11 July 2014. A few weeks went by and I had not had any reply from the Mayor. I checked again with Councillor Guerrero who told me that she had translated my letter and it was with the Mayor.
 We are now half way through October and the Mayor has not written back to me. My letter has been completely ignored and that is nothing less than disgraceful.
 I am enclosing a copy of the letter I wrote to the Mayor with this letter, hoping that if you publish all of it in the Bulletin there may be someone out there who may be able to help me to get some positive reaction from either the Mayor or the TIB bus company to give us our former 104 service route back.
Ray Durkin
Santa Ponsa


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