Dear Sir,
For very many years I have been coming to this “Magic island”. Over the years I have seen many changes, some good, some not so good, but my wife and I are still in love with its’ magic.
I read the DB every day, and am always interested in what’s going on! Recently there have been some comments regarding the “closing” of the island during the winter. I personally would like it to be open for 12 months of the year, but one must be realistic.
Over the past week or so I have been talking to many people involved within the tourist business from waiters to restaurant owners, and supermarket workers to bar staff! They all have a different view on things, but also all have something in common. They all agree that if there were enough people around, they would all stay open! But equally, they all agree that the weather is the determining factor and nothing else!
Let’s face it, it’s not warm enough from the end of November to mid February to sit on the beach all day! Equally so, there’s no snow to go skiing! So, is there a solution?
We all know that the winter climate is so much nicer here than the UK or Germany, so all that needs to be done is create a desire to come out of season. You already have the cyclists, is there something else? How about cuisine, culture or just beautiful places to see!
I personally know that there are certain people working very hard to bring football/rugby teams here, and it is working, so is there much of a difference, I don’t think so!
What is needed is someone from the Majorcan tourist board to start making waves! They want, and need mass summer tourism to keep the island alive and vibrant, so to extend that into the “closed” season would just be a bonus for all concerned.
There is no such thing as bad publicity, so everything that has been published over the past 3 months or so about certain resorts has only done one thing, keeping Majorca in the public eye!
If I’m talking through my --------, just give me a good kick there, but I don’t that I am!
In a few days I will be heading back to the dreary old UK, my heart and dreams will be about The magic island, and I will be having to follow the DB online!

An “Islander at heart”


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