Flights from Scotland
Dear Sir,
The flights from Edinburgh to Palma have stopped a week to ten days earlier this year which is unfortunate due the late warm weather.
We flew out with a low cost flight from Edinburgh on Friday 24/10/2014 and are going back via Madrid and Heathrow. Well worth it as the weather is good.

Derek and Irene

Winter flights to and from UK.....Minorca has none
Dear Sir,
I have already drawn your attention to this. Between 9 January and end of March we have NO direct flights to and from UK....not one single one. Monarch has always been our winter lifeline, but have now decided to abandon us. At least Majorca has some flights, although clearly not enough.
Please can you give some publicity to the problems facing your poor sister island this coming winter. Who would ever now buy a property in Minorca when you can’t get there for 3 months of the year without a load of hassle. And why don’t the inter-island flights connect with the UK/Palma flights?
Often one has to wait many hours for the connection, so the journey takes all day. And it is EXPENSIVE too, even with the residents’ discount.
Minorca too is a wonderful winter destination, but how can hotels and restaurants be expected to stay open if no one can get here??
We seem to be going backwards. Like it or not, it is a fact of life that tourism is the main driver of the economy for the Balearic Islands. You would never guess it from all the political shenanigans. But until our “rulers” accept this fact and devote more resources to this sector, the islands will never prosper sufficiently to maintain a half-decent rate of employment, thus standard of living, for the populace.

Lorraine Ure
Es Castell, Minorca


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