Winter Flights
Dear Sir,
At last Brian Pocock’s voice of sanity about winter flights from someone who actually knows what he is talking about. Will the Bulletin now please stop its never-ending campaign for winter flights?
Futura Airlines was a financial tragedy for its shareholders, its 1000 plus employees, and the thousands of stranded tourists who suffered from the demise of this doomed venture. And while you are at it, how about giving up on the Sunday opening campaign?
The shopkeepers, who know perfectly well that their profits would suffer, do not need advice from amateurs.

Anton Barkhuysen
Santa Eugenia

Dear Sir,
I truly miss the opportunity of visiting Palma in the winter months. We have in the past spent many wonderful short breaks in early January for the Three Kings parade and New Year’s Eve.
Since the banking crisis, all flights have disappeared. We usually fly from Edinburgh during the year but had to travel to Newcastle to get to Palma in the winter the last time. Now, there is only the option of London’s Stansted.
We have opted to travel to mainland Spain this January because there are still many flight options from Scotland. Surely this is not good for Majorcan business?
Many people travel throughout the whole year to European cities for short breaks and the idea that Majorca has been cut off is so disappointing! It is our favourite Mediterranean city and has such charm at any time of the year. It’s time the Majorcan government did more to attract the budget airlines all year round!

Polly Bogie


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