Michael Douglas

Dear Sir,
As a resident of Majorca for part of the year, I am saddened to hear that Mr Douglas has decided to sell his beautiful home on the island.
He has been a good ambassador for Majorca over the years, and his name added a touch of Hollywood glitz along the way.
However, it does not surprise me that he will no longer be a visitor to the island.
Majorca is sleep walking itself into mediocrity among the worlds destinations.
It still suffers to this day, the stigma of Magalluf and thinks itself to be still the place everyone wants to go too.
But the world has changed, and people are more mobile than ever.
They travel to places that used to be very exotic, and would rather go to Disneyland, Florida with the kids, than have a beach holiday with them on Majorca.
I am of an age, that I remember how family friendly places like Magalluf were.
And as a child Ithought it to be as exotic as anything could ever be.
The problem today, is that it is becoming a divided island. Either for the very rich, or the very drunk.
Majorca should be everything to everyone, and not constructed to suit whoever comes along.
I love this island deeply, but I feel it’s identity and image are broken by its continuing desire to please the teenage kids and twenty something revellers.
It is time to change, and maybe get a little bit of that Hollywood magic back along the way.


G. Scott


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