Dear Sir,
I totally disagree with Hugh Ash, except for one point, when he says ‘Making predictions is a mugs game, so mine will be 100% wrong’ (MDB 28 Dec.). I think his predictions will be 98% right; the exception being that by the end of 2015, science will not have progressed sufficiently to evaporate President Obama, although the American public might have put him out of harm’s way by then.
Before the end of 2014 perhaps Hugh could turn his sooth saying abilities to that troika of vested interests, the Tourist Board, the hotels and the airlines. No doubt  he is aware of the vast array of tourism facts to which we are constantly bombarded - you know, the lies, the damn lies and the statistics - and make some nonsense  out of them which, by his own admission, may turn out to be 100% wrong, thus giving the tourist industry a new lease of life in 2015.
Thank you Hugh for a very amusing article which I am confident will turn out to be 100% right, or do I mean 100% wrong?
Yours sincerely,
Tom Leeming

Dear Sir,
Humphrey Carter, has yet again raised the thorny subject of the letting of properties to tourists, a subject to which I have written umpteen letters to fill the Daily B’s column, repeating, as Mr Carter does, with the same old arguments for and against. I believe that, as Mr Carter points out, the overriding benefit to the Balearic Islands is, the employment given to so many, in the same way that bars, restaurants, hotels, and other service industries do.  I hope that this subject, together with the hoary old chestnut, ‘All in’ hotels, are quietly buried next year, and not resurrected when ‘News’ is scarce. My New Year resolution is NOT to mention these topics again!- though as so often these promises are usually broken by the end of January! We shall see.
Yours sincerely
Phil Green
El Toro


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