Dear Sir,
When I saw the notice in Saturday’s Daily Bulletin calling for a big turn out to correspond with the international counter terrorism demonstrations in France I thought the Plaza Cort venue would be swamped. I was wrong. Whereas a reported 3.5 million turned out in France (1.5 million in Paris alone) I doubt if 500 did so in Palma.
Whereas some 40 World Leaders linked arms and marched from the Place de la République I saw no identifiable local politicians or consuls at our protest. Apart from a strong French initiative I saw no other ex-Pat association or personalities. I heard no English, German or Arabic being spoken.
A poor show of support from Majorca.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Charlie Hebdo
Dear Sir,
I have a question for Mr Tunnell. Who would he have blamed if a family member had died on 9/11 ? The New York Times?
Yours sincerely
Simon Tow

Dear Sir,
In an otherwise excellent article (Sunday Comment) on the terrorist attacks in Paris, Hugh Ash failed to address the problem of hate-preachers, like Anjem Choudary, who twist the minds of impressionable young Muslims.
They are no different to the pro-Nazis of the 1930s, such as Oswald Moseley, who was interned during wartime.
Now, like then, we face a bitter enemy, therefore much more must be done to stop Islamic fascists from abusing the right of free speech by going into mosques, schools and universities to spout their despicable anti-Western extremism.  They are one of the root causes of the problem.
Daniel H. Pearce

Dear Sir,
Ray Fleming (Looking Around, 11.1.15) infers the staff of Charlie Hebdo had only themselves to blame for their murders because they ‘satirised and provoked’ Islam and in future such criticism should be ‘responsible and measured’.
 One of the pillars of free speech is its freedom to insult and be insulted. Muslims must understand that in the West all religions are fair game and Charlie Hebdo didn’t just single Islam out as Fleming wrongly says.
 Personally I find much of what he writes quite offensive, so perhaps he can spare me from his views by exercising the self-censorship he wishes on others.

Cas Catala
PS: Hugh Ash’s Sunday Comment on the Paris massacres was a breath of fresh air. Good to see one of your columnists understands the disgust most people feel about it.


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