Noise in Majorca
Dear Sir,
I read the other day your article about noise in Majorca. Due to the ley you refer to “Ley 1/2007” against the acoustic contamination of the Balearic islands , the individuals should have the  right to relaxation, health and privacy. This is very good.
But all the people including me who are living in the protected zones ,“casco Antigua” or “old town” we have our night sleep disturbed every night in the morning 3.30a.m. by Emaya’s pick ups.
They normally empty the bins around 11.00-12.00a.m.  It is forbidden to throw rubbish in the bins after 11.00p.m (it is written on the bins) At more or less 3.30a.m they come again to empty an empty bin?????? This is done with a lot of noise.3.30a.m. is the time when people normally are in their deepest sleep, REM sleep. During REM sleep, the body recovers physically and it is very important for the  immune system that the body gets its deep sleep, otherwise you will easily be more sensitive to diseases. REM sleep is important for mental health because it will process what has happened during the day. Deep sleep constitutes 10-15% of total sleep amount, and during this stage, most of the central nervous system should recover.
What happens to the long-term health when sleep is disturbed?  It is clear that the risk of both cardiovascular disease and age-related diabetes is increased for people with disturbed or short sleep. We also know that lack of sleep leads to the immune system becoming less able to take care of, for example, the influenza virus.  Among people who get their sleep disturbed, we see that the number of deaths at work rises . The risk of traffic accidents also increases significantly.
We are a number of neighbours who have  called Emaya to explain the situation but the situation has not changed, they are not willing to change anything.
We would really appreciate if you can write about this problem to make people aware that they are not alone and maybe put some pressure on Emaya to change their pick up routines and skip the 3.30a.m. pick up.
Best regards,
Ann-sofie Stendahl

Cycling in Majorca
Dear Sir,
I am not surprised Sky team notice a difference. Up north everything is closed and nobody is in a rush to go anywhere. Things are still, just, active in and around Palma, with people going to work, taking kids to school and delivering goods. They are also a lot more stressed worrying if next month they will have a job to go to.
Up north you are virtually guaranteed a job, at least for the summer season, which is better than nothing.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow

Je Suis Charlie
Dear Sir,
On this day where the new issue of Charlie Hebdo is published in France after the horrors of last week, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for all the coverage you did on these dramatic events. I  am French and have been living in Majorca for 12 years now and I have got to say I was overwhelmed with the messages of kindness and love I got from so many friends and acquaintances here on Majorca. I always have loved Majorca for its cosmopolitanism, for how we all happily live together regardless of where we come from; I love Majorca even more today for having made me felt so special being French.
Thanks again for your front page on Sunday, the picture brought tears to my eyes.


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