Dear Sir,
    My family and myself have been enjoying package holidays to Majorca over a number of years since the mid 1980’s, visiting sometimes 3 or 4 times during the season. This figure is probably above the norm, but we all work and  would rather spend our hard earned cash on holidays than big houses or fancy cars, its personal choice.
     In the winter months we have travelled to either Mainland Spain or the Canaries for our winter breaks (November and January or Feb). These have been good holidays and we have had a great time but not always had great weather. Even so, the flights we have been on have always been full. These destinations are well geared up for an all year round season. Loads of accommodation to choose from and varied entertainment, bars and eateries open in the resorts to suit all ages and tastes. Obviously this is all now very well established.
    It is a little bit annoying to us, and I am sure to many other visitors to Majorca, that its climate is on a par with Mainland Spain, and  we can see there are still a handful of hotels and bars etc. open throughout the winter months but we simply cannot get a flight to the island without travelling half way around the world to get there. Not to mention the cost or time involved to get there.   I would also mention that prices in the high season, June, July and August in particular, to Majorca have been rising over the last few years and we personally are in danger of being ‘priced out’ of certain months.
For example, last year I could easily get a 2 week holiday to the Canaries for the same price as 6 or 7 nights to Majorca in July on a like for like basis. Surely if the season in Majorca was longer and hotels and businesses were enjoying a good income all year round the prices during the summer months wouldn’t need to be quite so high.

Barker Family


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