Dear Sir,
Regarding Andrew Ede’s ‘The Blog’ 20 January. As a Professor Emeritus in Tourism Marketing with a home in Cala d’Or this past nine years I can relate very well to Andrew’s argument that ‘…there needs to be a co-ordinated plan that appreciates the characteristics of resorts…’ .
It was interesting to read that a meeting was held, ‘to consider ways to improve… (Cala d’Or’s)… positioning’. Positioning in this context refers to Brand Positioning but there is much to be taken into account before Brand Positioning can be considered fully.
Cala d’Or (and indeed all resorts), needs to reflect upon its historical identity and how it wants to belong to this identity today and to strategically build upon this identity for the future. It is really only in this context that Cala d’Or can sensibly be ‘positioned’.
Cala d’Or has a rich history beyond Pep Costa and the unique architecture, through the Bourbon landings at Cala Llonga (Majorca Days Out) and the Santueri Castle resting on the bluff behind the resort to the existence of talayot settlements nearby. This and the relatively unspoilt environment and culture of the Santanyi area and Llevant in general could be utilised to create a range of USP (Unique Selling Points) to borrow from another element of Branding and positioning. The good and the great policy and decision makers of Cala d’Or, Santanyi and other resorts would do well to deliberate on these wider aspects of branding in seeking ‘positioning’ for the future. The Ajuntament of Santanyi might consider establishing a ‘Regeneration Partnership’ such as those that exist in many towns in the UK, incorporating a mixture of private and public sector citizens working together for the greater good.
Perhaps the University might see an opportunity to establish a Centre of Best Practice in Tourism Regeneration and Development. Such a centre would have the potential to generate multiple projects for all to benefit.
David Carson

Full flight, empty town
Yes I would like to report another completely full flight EZY8627 from Gatwick last week.
I was very happy to be back in Mallorca. On Sunday I visited as usual the weekly market
in Alcudia and was alarmed that not only the supermarket Eroski was closed but the whole
town. Every shop in the centre seemed to boarded up for the winter, just a newsagent and
a couple of cafes were open. When will Mallorca realise that we don't all want to sprawl
on beaches, but enjoy the countryside and all the beautiful things your landscape has to offer.
It would be nice if a few shops and restaurants took note.


Derek Brampton

Spring and Autumn tourism
Dear Editor
While your drive for winter tourism is commendable, I do think is is a long way off on a cold, wet day like today when all there are to offer are poorly insulated accommodation with no central heating or carpets. It doesn't help that the restaurants and shops are closed while the only late night drink you can get is cough mixture from the chemist.
I believe a more pressing issue is that of spring and autumn tourism. The cheap flights and the value for money rooms start at the beginning of April, while all the businesses are open and expectant owners are waiting to do business as the sun beams down. And they wait and wait. Because the tourists do not start arriving in numbers until mid-May, six weeks after the spring offers and sunshine began.
The same applies to the end of the season. The flights and hotels are open until the end of October and, as you said so yourself, the weather is wonderful. However, business owners have waved goodbye to their last customers three weeks earlier.
In summary more should be done to promote the spring and autumn breaks when all but one of the elements of a productive season are in place. But the missing element is the most important; it is the tourists.

Andrew Rawson


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