Winter flights
Dear Sir,
In response to Tom Leemings letter, Friday 23 January. I appreciate his knowledge and experience as a retired pilot. His ideas and concepts of seating, and costing for travel, are interesting.
However, most of the winter travellers are looking for the best price. They are mostly retired apartment owners, Spanish shoppers to London, returning students from Christmas, New Year and the Three Kings.
I travelled this month to and from Stansted, because Ryanair discounted their fares by 25%. Total return fare £45.
Both Flights were full of the afore mentioned passengers. Unless there were a few “ Tourists” on the flights, where did they stay?. Was it in Palma, where there are Hotels OPEN!
Elsewhere the urbanisations are closed. I have made my observations in the past, concerning winter attractions etc. But nothing has been done.
Returning to flights, those who live in Scotland etc., may wish to fly to Heathrow, and then on scheduled flights to and from Majorca.
I know those costs may be higher, but better than the costs suggested by Mr Leeming. In fact any connecting flight to and from Heathrow, has to be a much better way of travelling in UK during the winter weather.
If there is no demand, the hotels will close. If there is no demand, the low cost carriers will not put on flights. If there are no attractions, to offset the variable winter weather, there will be no demand. The bars and restaurants will close. There will be no employment.
Majorca is again generally CLOSED.
Yours sincerely
Sa Coma (CLOSED)

Dear Sir,
After 30 years of travelling to Majorca for our family holidays I think we are going to have to start looking towards booking somewhere else as looking at flights in high season Majorca is possibly charging too much for landing fees and this is reflecting on ticket prices on the airlines. Maybe its time you realised tourists will not stand for the high prices and choose to go elsewhere.
Karen King


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