Dear Sir,
Well said Editor Jason Moore, in your Editorial of Friday 30 January 2015. At last recognition that “ ALL INCLUSIVE”  in the islands hotels is destroying the economy of Majorca.
The Hoteliers control Majorca. If they do not open in winter, there is NO demand for, flights, tourists etc.
I would like to see Urbanisations with e.g. 60 hotels, divided into - 10 (5*) Hotels with an All Inclusive Tariff. - !0 Hotels (4*) to be Half Board.  - 20 Hotels (3*) to be Bed & Breakfast. -20 Hotels (2*) to be Room Only.
A similar variation of Hotel Tariff allocations, in Urbanisations with more or less Hotels could be applied.With this fairer division of the Tourist Revenue, the future of bars, restaurants, shops etc. will NOT have to close, this coming season.
There will be a saving maintenance of businesses, the self employed and the employed. It will take time to correct the ailing reduction of money in the island’s economy. But, if Majorca continues to become totally “ALL INCLUSIVE “, eventually the very rich landowners etc., will start to suffer the very serious consequences, of the Hoteliers greed.
Yours sincerely,
Sa Coma (CLOSED)


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