Dear Sir,
 I felt the need to write to you to relate an event which happened this morning in Cala Millor.
It is always a pleasure to offer news which is uplifting and rewarding.
 My wife Marie and her mother Brenda were visiting a local clinic when they suffered a tyre puncture.
They called me and so I rushed into Cala Millor to assist.
 By the time ( 10 minutes) that I arrived, a charming young man called Toni, a Spaniard possibly in his twenties, had parked his jeep in the busy street and was giving assistance and had virtually fitted the spare.
Most people would pass by, but not him, and I think he deserves a massive pat on the back for his kindness, his big smile and quick thinking.
He really couldn`t do enough to help. I believe he has brought great credit to himself and is a great advert for Spanish youths.
Also his company “JEEP SAFARI” based in Cala Millor deserve a mention especially for the smart people they employ. Watch out for a big black Cherokee Jeep, it`s driven by a hero. I hope they all read the Daily Bulletin and get this message.
Yours sincerely,
Paul Satterly
Sa Coma

Dear Sir,
 Rarely have I read a less accurate article and very much doubt (knowing Mr. Freeman’s reputation) that this article was accurately reported:
Fineable offences if driving without:
1) Warning Triangle - wrong Spanish law requires 2 warning triangles
2) 2 Breathalyser kits - wrong pertains only to France after many idiotic years where the law existed but no certified kits were available.
3) Driving Licence - correct
4) Insurance and V5 documents - correct
5) Hi-vis jackets for each occupant - first time I have heard of this as I believe it is only the driver who is legally required to carry one.
Further to the above the statement that “be warned that the speed limit changes when the roads are wet” I believe pertains only to France for private cars although does exist in Germany for other classes of vehicles.
Alister Bottomley


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