Dear Sir,
In Saturday’s issue, Angie Guerrero, who deserves our recognition for a job well done, quotes Peter Newey and his opinion about the results of the last municipal elections.
 I obviously have not got his political experience, but I beg to differ with his conclusions about same.  
He says, quote “en masse”, when in my opinion, it doesn´t matter how many people vote in the municpal elections as power lies elsewhere, where we don´t have an opportunity to put our votes to good use, and where we could possibly have a “criitcal masse” if given this opportunity.
 Having said this, he may not be taking into account that there are other nationalities, basically from South America, who greatly outnumber ex UK residents, and whose votes, if they were keener in taking part in the process, would be far more decisive that ours.
 Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow

Dear Sir,
This may be suitable time to make money- spending visitors aware that pickpockets are once again operating in Porto Pollensa.
Yesterday I was relieved of my wallet whilst waiting to board a bus for Pollensa market.
Although not a large amount was lost it leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth. Why should we return after such a welcome?
Yours etc.

Mike Patrick


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