Dear Sir,
 I add a brief letter of support for Angie Guerrera and her excellent  Calvia Dpto Extranjeros team to your own recent editorials and numerous  reader’s letters. You comment as did Angie in her recent Column on the  abysmal voting level by expats in the recent local elections.
  Expats,  many of whom have made major contributions over the years to the economy  of Majorca and particularly to Calvia, lose the moral right to complain if they fail to exercise their voting rights / obligations. I voted for  Angie and her excellent team - expressed as a vote for the PP. Manu Onievo, was a great loss to the PP in Calvia and respected the  contributions made by the expat community - I wrote a couple of letters to the MDB in his defense in respect of unreasonable criticism by Frank Leavers. Unfortunately Jose Manuel Ruiz has presented little indication of having any interest in the expat community in Calvia - an impression not dispelled by his micro presentation in English at a recent PP gathering which appeared totally unrehearsed - was this intended to inspire or to show contempt for expats?
 So if expats wish to have their voice heard in exchange for their economic contributions they need to speak up. So perhaps a petition organised by MDB in support of Calvia Dpto Extranjeros? Perhaps also a new party, the EXPATS-MALL-IND party, to further the interests of Expats in Majorca. Volunteers?  Make sure that the Expat voice is recognised next time around.
My best wishes,

Geoff Williamson

Dear Sir,
 A week or so ago you published a letter regarding Benidorm, the correspondent asking for reasons why it seems to be so successfully busy during the whole year, whilst Majorca isn’t.
Yesterday I read an article in a Spanish weekly which said, quote: “It’s hotels, far from being “tourist ghettos” run by big chains, are mainly privately owned, reinvesting profits in the city, which is why it has been so resistant to the economic crisis”. Food for thought?
Yours sincerely,

Simon C Tow


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