Dear Sir,
 Simon Tow, in his reply to my letter trots out the usual litany of the brainwashed general public. In short, that Communism maybe a good idea on paper but it doesn’t work in practice.
But the question Mister Tow and others of his persuasion should ask themselves is: if Communism is such a useless philosophy that is bound to collapse anyway, why has the USA and Britain spent hundreds of billions of dollars and pounds, and killed many millions of people trying to snuff it out?
We haven’t tried to snuff out Fascism. On the contrary, we have actively encouraged and even financed it as we did Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, apartheid South Africa as well as the USA’s active backing for fascist Chile and most right-wing Latin American states, etc.  But wherever the people have democratically voted for a government of, for, and by the people, they have been ‘visited’ with bombs and armies. I offer Korea, Viet Nam, Angola, The Congo, Yugoslavia, Kosovo, the tiny little island of Grenada as well as Chile as just a few examples. Indeed, had not President Truman, on scientific advice, stopped him, in 1945 Churchill wanted to actually nuke Soviet Russia.
Please ask yourself Mister Tow. What earthly threat could the tiny island of Cuba have been to the mighty USA? Yet from 1959 until now the USA navy has been employed choking it to death by stopping Cuba’s imports and exports. The CIA actually went so far as to try and blow Premier Castro’s head of with  exploding cigars,  and  kill him with poisoned after-shave lotion!  Thanks to the USA, Cuban currency was not legal tender outside of Cuba.
And yet the Cuban people continued to adore Castro? Why do you think this was so MisterTow? In short, Capitalism is terrified that the truth reaches the people: that Communism for all its many faults, is a philosophy designed to serve the people, whereas capitalism is there only to serve the interests of the wealthy and the privileged.
And that is the way the USA intends it to stay. Otherwise, there is no reason for the  USA to maintain 70 military bases around the world
We are stuck with a system whereby just five per cent own more wealth than the rest of the word put together?
It is time for a change mister Tow. But will we get one? Aye, there’s the rub.

Simon Tow


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