Dear Sir,
This morning, I clambered aboard the rammed commuter train chugging the 14 mile rat race from Harrogate to Leeds, grabbing a coffee and a bacon sandwich on the way and picking up a paper.
Cost - £22.85 This afternoon, I booked a daytime flight for me and the family to Majorca in their school holidays this July, from our local airport. Cost - £21.00 each
I’ ve been coming to the island and its my second home as man and boy since the 1960s and this flight fee must be a record low for the peak season. And I could have got that rock bottom price many times over on other holiday days and local airports.  It’s unheard of. I am not sure whether this says more about the state of the beleaguered Majorca summer season or my mental state for paying £3 for a takeaway coffee. But right now it saddens me to confess I’d rather be a shareholder in Starbucks than a tour or hotel operator or business on the island.
Richard Chew
Yorkshire and Calvia


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