Dear Sir,

My sympathies are with the Ceulen family (Andratx Shame. Bulletin 9 August ) clearing litter from around their home. Littering and fly-tipping have become a huge problem in Majorca. Everywhere you look, roadsides are full of plastic bottles and cans, etc. that have been thrown out of cars. The enclosed photo shows fly-tipping on the Palma to Puigpunyent road. Having made enquiries, it appears these eyesores were reported to the Palma Council back in May. Nothing has been done to clear the rubbish and it is being added to on a regular basis.

It is time for a “Clean up Majorca” campaign which could be led by the Bulletin and your sister paper.
In addition, the authorities should impose heavy fines for littering and fly-tipping.

Yours faithfully


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Dr J A Edwards / Hace over 6 years

I have noted with interest the many comments by Humphrey Carter about the lack of winter flights from Belfast and Edinburgh. May I also add Cardiff to his list - which used to have an excellent frequency of winter flights with BMI Baby but lost them all with its withdrawal" A second point is that the three above airports are served by a Spanish airline,viz. Vueling. Surely the Balearic Government should try to pressure its 'own' airline to provide winter flights before other low cost airlines. Yours, with thanks J Arwel Edwards(Dr), Swansea and Andratx