Dear Sir,
I have just read today’s paper and was somewhat upset by Mr Leavers' comments regarding the “gross overcharging of restaurant food on the island”. Whilst I sympathize with Mr Leavers receiving poor food at what he feels is an unreasonable price in one restaurant, this is certainly not general on the island.

I, a restaurant owner, pride myself in providing good food, good service and at a reasonable price. There are also many good restaurants on this island that provide the same. Tell me where in the UK you can get a three-course menu of the day including a drink for under 12€ (approx £10). A general meal of a reasonable quality is still also very good value when compared to the UK.
Please don’t generalize our businesses with a trip to one restaurant, as comments like that infer we are all bad and will only assist in the tourists staying in their al-inclusive hotels, as you paint us in a bad picture.

William Haycock
Cala Bona


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ALAN COOK / Hace over 5 years

“gross overcharging of restaurant food on the island” How ridiculous of Frank Leavers to generalise is this manner. He's either having a laugh or has never tried a Menu del dia in any of hundreds of good local often family run restaurants around the island. Prices vary from 7 to 12 euros and include 3 course meals with choices per course, wine, water and often gasiosa. Try Can Taronger in Arta, El Rincon de Puerto in Puerto Andratx or El Moli in Pollensa Frank before you generalise and demean a lot of hardworking Mallorcians and others........ on reflection maybe his experience is limited to "fine" dining establishments.....