Dealing with banks

Dear Sir,
Recently I checked on the internet to see if my bank had paid my life insurance. With no surprise to me, it hadn’t been paid. I rang the bank and was told my account had a block put on it, until I went to any branch and signed a declaration that I was still alive.

I have to do this from time to time, just in case my family help themselves to my monthly pension of 120 something euros. The thing that worries me is how come the pension office have access to my account, obviously know how much I have in there and what the blooming heck gives them the right to deny payment of my direct debit.

Also, it would have been good manners on the bank's part to ring me, rather than let it go on and on without paying a very important direct debit, which I obviously pay bank charges on.

Gaynor Gadd
Cala Murada

WBA game

Dear Sir,
After reading today’s letter, I’ve heard it all now. Alistair is wanting a ball. Imagine if others wanted one - at 40-50 euros each. The idea is you watch the ball not take it home with you. They sell them in the club shop.

Surely you could buy him one. What next? Perhaps you could take home the nets or even all the kit. Come on, get real.

Can Pastilla


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Alistair / Hace over 5 years

Peter, clearly you did not read my letter. The point was the ball was kicked to him by one of the west Brom players, intentionally not by accident, the goal keeper even put his thumbs up to my son was he got it. I offered to pay for the ball. If I was given the kit by a player or the nets, yes I would expect to take that home and I am keeping real.


Sara / Hace over 5 years

Gaynor: Are you referring to a Spanish pension? And a Spanish bank? Spanish banks are obliged by law to check annually on behalf of the Spanish pension office that you are still alive. If you don’t respond then your pension payments are blocked until such time that you do. The bank probably also block any payments out of your account as well in case any of your pension payments already made have to be returned to the pension office because they were paid after your demise and also because they won’t want to pay any direct debits which should no longer be made! However the bank should of course have warned you – I get annual reminders each year either through the ATM or online banking to present myself in person to the cashier. Also remember that Spanish banks have to advise the Spanish Tax Office every year of each and everyone’s account balances. However if your pension and/or your bank are not Spanish then I’m afraid I don’t know!