Dear Sir,
Perhaps the MDB should be renamed as GHEG (Glass Half Empty Gazette). You refer again to the prospect of post Brexit Visas. How about a touch of common sense and reality. A) No changes will be implemented for at least two years B) Will the Spanish, French and German tourist authorities tolerate heavy handed regulations which will hit their tourist markets? If Visas are introduced they would most likely be Far East style visas which are issued at the airport on entry as is also I believe currently the case for non-EU visitors to the UK. No great hassle.

I understand that recent visitors by air from the UK have been subjected to fingerprinting at Palma airport. Is this only for non-Shengen visitors? Within the next two years all visitors from the UK to Spain will be monitored electronically. Most arrivals at Gatwick are already automatically checked against bio-metric passports. Increased security checks worldwide are inevitable.

I note that Frank Leavers has commented on the frequent moans from restaurant and bar-owners that their business has been destroyed by ‘All Inclusive Hotels’. I can list, as I am sure can you, at least a dozen restaurants that are always well patronised. Perhaps client challenged restaurant owners should visit some of the restaurants which are always full to try and determine the secrets of their success. My favourite menu-del-dia restaurant springs to mind. Over the last 18 months it has extended the dining areas by covering over terrace areas, taken on additional staff and no longer closes for a month in winter. All clients receive a prompt and courteous welcome, menu-del dia selection is wide, food quality is good, as is the price and service (and with no hidden supplements for IVA and excessively expensive drinks). A substantial proportion of the clientele appear to be regulars. In respect of ‘All Inclusive Hotels’ - I have visited a fair number in the Balearics over the years and stayed at and eaten at several. Whilst food standards are no doubt not up to Marc Fosh standards I would consider them to be quite adequate. From my observations most clients are young families who no doubt welcomed a cap on their daily expenses on drinks, ice creams and snacks. Such hotels employ staff, pay taxes, generate business for suppliers and transfer operators. Are young families to be placed on the list of unwelcome visitors to Majorca alongside visitors to private apartments and Cruise Ship passengers?



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