Feeding goats

Dear Sir,
I have just visited the lighthouse at the north of the island, Cap Formentor, and there were large numbers of tourists feeding a lone goat. The goat had its head in cars looking for food as soon as some car doors were open. Soon someone is going to get attacked by this goat, because they will not feed it. I had a small lunch and had to eat inside my car with windows closed to prevent the goat helping itself to my lunch.

As there is so much hype over goats, this one will very easily be caught and should be taken away as far as possible from people. And signs should be put up banning people from feeding goats. In England I live on the edge of the New Forest, and I have seen first hand people feeding animals and others being injured. This could well happen here as well.

Les Chase


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Les Chase / Hace over 4 years

I like Ron's comet. Perhaps use some "Tourist Tax" money for the birth control pills. This could benefit all round. Tourists like to see wild goats, plus a way of controlling them. In the right places, they can actually do a lot of good by keeping foliage down.


Ron / Hace over 4 years

Jason - here's a suggestion: In the UK our Prince Charles has backed a plan to reduce the number of grey squirrels by feeding them birth control pills. Maybe our new parliament speaker Picornell - a committed animal rights campaigner - could get himself a few brownie points by introducing this method to control the feral goats? Must be much better than the horrific culling that we have had to witness.


Richard Pearson / Hace over 4 years

Next time, just shout "CULL" at it, and it will be in Soller before you could bat an eyelid.