Dear Sir,
I was horrified to return to our frontline apartment at Cala Major to find the bay littered with rubbish! As far as the eye could see there were plastic bags etc. floating on the surface; so much it would take a major operation to clear it all up. Amongst this detritus a cormorant was trying to feed!

May this complaint act as a call for help to clean up this beautiful coastline. Please, somehow may the general public be made aware of such a desperately important issue and the responsibility we all have to protect our wildlife and natural surroundings.

Kind regards
Mandy Faulkner


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Geoff Dominy / Hace over 4 years

I went to the Palma Boat Show yesterday because it seemed the logical place to start in my search for a boat. One thing that struck me immediately is that this is not a boat show for 'all the people', merely a show for a very select few who have a couple of million euros to drop. However the most frustrating part of the show (and it is something I have noticed at every 'Trade Show' I have attended and not just boat shows) is the lack of interest in actually engaging with 'potential buyers'. I walked around the entire show and only once was I even acknowledged. Instead, the people working the various booths were either engrossed in their mobiles, their laptops, chatting with each other or eating. Now don't get me wrong, I understand we all have to eat but do all the employees in a booth have to eat at the same time? What message does that send to potential buyers? 'Sorry....we are busy.....come back later'. It's a five day show and I am sure the exhibitors have paid a fortune to exhibit. Schedule lunch and dinner breaks, have your employees eat away from the booth (there are plenty of options) and have the staff that are in the booth, engage with the people who have paid money to come to the show. If you have no interest in conducting business, why come? I don't expect much but sadly I got so much less. I'll pass next year and find a broker or company that wants to do business.