Dear Sir,
So the ‘Fun Police’ have got their wish!

We have owned a property in Cala Fornells since 2004 and chose it because of its natural beauty and quiet location. We have always thought that Paguera was a nice, quiet resort with just enough entertainment and nightlife to provide visitors with an enjoyable evening in the resort. We have just returned from a week’s visit and were astounded to find that Paguera has been turned into a virtual ghost town in the evening.

There was no music at all from any of the bars or restaurants, no street entertainment whatsoever (although plenty of unwelcome Lookie Lookies still about), and even when football was shown on TV, the commentary was totally inaudible. The silence was.

For most visitors, the evenings are an important part of the overall holiday experience, and it is not unreasonable to expect some entertainment in the resort. Obviously, no one wants to turn a pleasant family resort into Magalluf 2, but music should be allowed on terraces until midnight (and perhaps at restricted volume and inside only later).

It is after all a tourist resort, not a residential area and anyone choosing to live or stay there should appreciate that and serve the tourists and holiday home owners who provide the income and livelihoods for so many. A lot of visitors will be going home vowing not to return because their evening experience has been ruined and advising their friends not to visit Paguera.

Stuart Mac