£82.6 Million PA
Dear Sir,
According to “The Times”, the £6.2 million addition to what we the people already pay Her Majesty, will bring her ‘salary’ up to £82.6 million pa. With regard to Sir Alan Reid’s comment that this £82.6 million annual payment is “Excellent Value for Money”: this is a complete nonsense. There is no job so demanding as to regard this vast sum as suitable recompense.   And Prince Phillip’s retirement pension of £359,000 per annum is an insult to every pensioner in Britain struggling to survive on a paltry pittance. Not only should the Queen turn down this £6.2 million a year raise: she should tell the government that she will take no pay of any sort for the next ten years, or at least until Britain has settled its £1.9 trillion national debt.

As she is by far the wealthiest person on the planet, this need not cause Her Majesty’s life style or that of her family to be affected in any way. But in view of the ever widening disconnect between royalty and the younger generation, such an offer would most certainly help draw her closer to them.

David Lee