Cancellation of Calvia skateboard park

Dear Sir,
Whilst it seems a very good idea, I’m not surprised that the local council have decided it would be too expensive to operate. Perhaps those who are feeling hard done by need to have a lesson in basic economics! In spite of Councillor Thomas claiming that the graffiti (that seems to cover every wall and empty space, including road barriers - Palmanova Son Caliu/motorway slip /entrance road being a perfect example of dangerous) equals art, money is needed to clean these sites and it has to come from somewhere. So no skateboard park until the graffiti stops. Well done Calvia Council.

A Calvia ratepayer


Dear Sir,
In your editorial ‘Justice’ (11 March) you seem to be jumping on the Boris bandwagon and pointing the finger of blame at President Putin. The British Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has been reported as saying that Russia was responsible for the nerve gas attack in Salisbury.

In three months’ time Putin will be hosting the World Cup football tournament and he will surely be hoping to bask in the reflected glory of a successful month of football, which will perhaps help the rest of the world to forget about the doping scandals in Russian sport. (By the way, we seem to forget that the Russians are not the only ones.) Why on earth would he sponsor an act of terrorism that could cause some western nations and some world leaders to boycott the tournament? Mr Skripal betrayed his country and not a few of his fellow countrymen, so he must have many enemies. For those of us who followed the BBC series McMafia, it is easy to imagine low-level Russian Mafia, who find it easy to carry out their activities in the West, plotting the assassination of the traitor.

(We even have them here ‘Majorca Russian gang member in Spanish court’ Majorca Daily Bulletin, February 22, 2018.)

Let’s give Putin the benefit of the doubt, instead of insulting him at every opportunity and who knows, he might soon be prepared to cooperate with the West, as we seek to do something about the horrendous war in Syria?

George Tunnell

The young people of Palma

Dear Sir,
Like Richard Branson, I am lucky enough to own a little piece of heaven here in Majorca, sadly the similarity ends there as my patch is co-owned between eight friends and family and would probably fit in one of Richard’s broom cupboards!

It is none the less a welcome sanctuary which I visit as often as possible. This time I arrived late in the evening of 3 March and was not relishing the prospect of catching the 104 bus, if indeed I would be lucky enough to find it running. I have, as you can tell, been spoiled by the "A11" experience!

Imagine my consternation upon finding a thronging mass of young people also waiting for this bus. They were, as were we all at that magical age (sighs!), high on life and excited at the prospect of the evening to come. When the bus arrived, I prepared for the inevitable crush as everyone charged towards the doors. I needn’t have worried, these thoughtful and kind young people ushered me forward with my cases and allowed me to board the bus in a dignified manner.

Yes, the noise level on the bus was absolute bedlam, but both boys and girls alike were good natured and respectful of each other and we enjoyed, with my poor Spanish and their better English, a stilted conversation. How different this would have been in the UK, where loutish and selfish behaviour are often encountered when travelling late at night on public transport. I would like to congratulate the parents of these young people who have brought them up so well, they were and are a credit to you and your island.

Just thought that such nice young people deserved an acknowledgement for their kindness and good humour, not sure where they were going, had assumed it would be BCM, alas I understand from your pages that would not be an option, but I hope they enjoyed their evening as much as I enjoyed their antics on the bus.

Geoff Vost


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John Little / Hace over 3 years

George Tunnell is sadly misguided if he thinks Putin should be given a chance. Shades of Chamberlain and appeasement come to mind. Show any weakness to this man and you will rue the consequence. He stays at the pinnacle of power by generating fear and exercising oppression . Look at his numerous opponents who have met untimely ends lately. Skripal is just the latest. The Russian public has been brainwashed by very biased media ( can you name me independent russian broadcasters nowadays ) into believing the west is their enemy and out to belittle and subjugate them. If countries boycott the world cup he will say - there you are they are anti russia - and use it to his benefit. As for low level russian mafia, if they can get their hands on the highest grade military nerve agent then that causes real alarm about law and order in the country, and why would they bother, unless being paid large sums by Putin's state. Regarding Syria, Putin cleverly stepped in to support a man like himself, for whom the be and end all of life is staying in power. A man the west could not bring itself to deal with and consequently left a gap which Russia quickly filled.They now have their long wanted base in the middle east and have become a major player in the center of one of the most volatile regions of the world. Make no mistake, Putin is a very dangerous man who respects only power and might. Why do think Trump is so in awe of him. We are back in a cold war, and its going to get colder yet.