Election of new PP leader

Dear Sir,

The latest election of a candidate to replace Sr Rajoy as leader of the Partido Popular is proving to be a difficult thing. Up steps Pablo Casado who feels he’s well up to the task and who refuses to consider anyone else suitable. However his opponent Sorya Santamaria (present deputy leader) has a proven track record, is qualified and up to the task but has one big disadvantage - she’s female in a very macho Spain. Surely it’s now time for wives/girlfriends/Spanish women in general to tell their male counterparts Spain needs to join the 21st century where qualifications for vacant posts are more important than gender.

M Irving

Thieving in Puerto Andratx

Dear Sir,

Like your Letters’ writer on Saturday 7 July, I would also like to bring to your readers’ attention the problems happening at the moment in the beautiful Puerto Andratx. We too love this area and perhaps had a too carefree an attitude to such a beautiful place.

No longer! We arrived after a delay at the airport due to a flat battery at around 2.00am to find our fully shuttered apartment had been burgled. They had gained entry by dismantling a fully closed narrow louvre bathroom window and climbing in before removing a large amount of our treasured possessions.

Only three weeks later on 5 July I then had my purse lifted from a zipped handbag in the port without me even noticing. Of course I had all my credit cards and UK driving licence within, and the damage was escalated by the discovery two days later of 900 euros having been withdrawn from my bank account, even after all cards were cancelled.

The police admitted that these crimes were common and happening daily. I feel the local government and police really need to step up surveillance, etc to resolve this epidemic of crime. If not, Puerto Andratx will be known for crime instead of a place of beauty. Certainly it has changed the way I feel about it, but hopefully not for too long.

All the best
Christine Bone