Dear Sir,
We have seen a massive growth in the number of villas rented in Majorca - Puerto Pollensa is slowly becoming a rental ghetto. I use this term as hundreds of properties are being purchased by investors rather than by families as a home.

Our villa is in Llenaire and when we first bought the plot in 2001, the majority of villas were owned by residents who respected the neighbourhood, kept noise at a reasonable level and maintained the environment. Now, over 85% of the properties are rented. Villa prices have escalated due to rental yields rather than the true value of the property and has put them beyond the reach of many local families.

In the summertime, bins are overflowing with food debris, music and screaming is the typical sound and this continues late into the night. Then for the remaining six months the place is a soulless ghetto with empty properties. It could degenerate into a centre for house break-in crime and squatters. Not a nice place to be at night.

Is this really what we want for the future of this beautiful island? Surely a limit on the number of villas granted licences in each urbanisation would create a safer place for residents and restore the balance of the community. The current status is highly toxic.

John T. Reeves