Dear Sir,
Hurrah for some editorial sanity about Brexit, you have summed up the shambles.
My response to those writing in about democracy, got to respect it, etc etc - yes we had a referendum, a referendum asking the country to make the most important decision in most of our lifetimes. A referendum which with hindsight is seen to be seriously flawed on various levels such as the legality of campaign contributions, blatant misrepresentation of the facts, the lack of information about the process, the lack of serious and informed discussion, and finally the lack of clarity about the question. On that last point, it was IN or OUT. Out how? With a trade deal, what sort of deal, without a deal, this is the mess a question without clear options has created.

The country must have a second referendum. If the Brexiteers are so sure of themselves then it will be a shoo-in. Won’t it? I suggest two principal boxes, IN or OUT. If you tick OUT then tick one of a series of further boxes, maybe three or four, listing the options of deal/no deal available. That can’t be too difficult for most people.

Out of respect to those who voted out in the first ballot, and for revival of some sort of social cohesion, the second ballot should have a fixed pass mark. Possibly 10% to be valid. One side or the other has to get 10% more votes. If that is not achieved we acknowledge the country is truly split, go back to the first result, and carry on trying to sort out the mess.

Finally to anyone pointing out how well the economy has done in the last two years, contradicting the prophets of doom - we haven’t left yet. Six months after leaving with no deal and on WTO rules, then let’s see how great the economy is.

John Little