The hole in Santa Ponsa.

15-01-2019Ian Rice

Dear Sir,
In May of last year I wrote to the Bulletin regarding a large sink hole that had suddenly appeared in the walkway on the north side of Santa Ponsa bay. After the article in the Bulletin, Calvià Council agreed to a meeting with the presidents and administrators and businesses owners.

The meeting was chaired by Nati Francis, a deputy mayor of Calvia. After about an hour of discussion Nati Francis suggested that a letter signed by the mayor should officially be sent to the Costas highlighting the problem. It was also agreed that the group should met every two months in Calvià town hall.

We’re now in the position where Calvià are stating that the Costas are not cooperating with the town hall, and the Costas are telling a colleague, who is the president of another building, that they have heard nothing from the town hall.

While the politicians argue, the hole is getting bigger and soon the walkway may have to be closed. I would urge Calvià as a matter of urgency to contact the Costas officially and hope that something can get done soon.

The presidents of all the buildings on the north side of Santa Ponsa bay are considering forming a formal group to deal with this dangerous situation and hope that an official from Calvià and the Costas will join the group.

Kind regards
Ian Rice
President Of The Community Of Edenroc