Cometh The Junta!

Dear Sir,

Like many UK residents and expats here on Majorca we must surely be praying for the end of Brexit.

However, we now have self opinionated MP’s and Legal puppets arguing that our Government has acted illegally.

We see on TV this group of anonymous legal heirarchy pondering our Political future. My deep concern is that if this scene was in an African or South American country the BBC would be exclaiming that the poor third world country was being controlled by The Junta! Exactly what is in danger of happening in the UK.

How can our world renowned political system ever continue if disgruntled individuals feel they can abort legislation by summoning The Junta to overturn Democracy.

Let’s pray the Supreme Court sees sense and rejects any involvement in our democratic process.

Pete Godfrey
Cala Millor


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Palmadave / Hace over 2 years

Hear, hear.


Mike / Hace over 2 years

Brexit is nothing to do with the courts it’s a political matter next thing you know the military will be involved then we will have a problem as then it becomes a coup , we in the uk voted out and that’s what will happen this country is not a dictatorship the namby pamby mps who don’t like it tough get on with the jobs you get paid for or the next general election you will suffer the wrath of the people and as far as the courts go mind your own business and deal with crime


S.O. / Hace over 2 years

‘End’ of Brexit? I think you mean the ‘beginning’! It hasn’t happened yet! Due to start on November 1st I believe!

And I think you have confused who is who. Surely the Government is the ‘Junta’ (proroguing Parliament to suit their own needs for example) and Parliament elected by the people (all the people who voted in the elections) is Democracy. No?