Humans of Majorca

Nadine Hawa.

All about Nadine Hawa…

Life is good for Nadine as 2020 approaches. She is enjoying everything Majorca has to offer and the delights of her young family.


Basil grows well through the summer months. Archive photo.

Gardening in Majorca

The secret of course is never to let the flower heads mature, simply cut the growing tip back to the next pair of healthy leaves and it will keep on growing.

Weekend Food

Mexican Pok Pibil.

Spice time again!

Spice up your food this autumn with Mexican pork pibil, Mexican spice mix, Cajun Spice mix and Pincho Moruño.

Wild Majorca

Male Brambling (lef) with a male Chaffinch for comparison.

Let it snow, let it snow!

We all keep a look out in the winter for the Accentors and the Hawfinch, but from time to time a rare vagrant turns up that mixes in with the Chaffinches, and is therefore my chosen bird of the week, the Brambling.

Nautical Notes

Cinemar is a way to inspire and create debate.

Diving without getting wet!

Cinemar is a way to inspire and create debate among the population, to raise awareness about problems, to highlight solutions to conserve the marine environment.

Out and About

Fira de l'esclata-sang at Mancor de la Vall. Archive photo.

Mad about the Mushroom

The event actually kicked off last Friday on 15 November when local bands took part in a competition to decide who would headline at the Rock Night.

Gardening in Majorca

Red hroned beetle is still killing off the Palm trees.

Growing season all year round

Every month has its own garden smell about it and surely November must have the smell of wood fires as all that garden waste that won’t decompose can now be burnt.

Weekend Food

Bacalao al Pil-Pil.

Salty sensation

To prepare any dish with salted cod, you simply have to follow properly the procedure to remove the salt, as it obviously needs to be re-hydrated and de-salted before use.

Wild Majorca

Sardinian Warbler.

Hanging on in there

There are still some good pockets of sunshine to be had, so some species take advantage of this to fulfil their breeding and life cycles.

Did You Know

Goats are the largest 'caza mayor' in Mallorca.

Words and more...

Every now and then we lack adjectives that make all the difference when we want a specific meaning.

Food & Fosh

Wild thing...

Here in Majorca, a local variety called “Esclatasangs” is extremely popular and they are in season right now.

Weekend Food

Pumpkins have a wonderful flavour and a smooth, silky texture that lends itself to so many interesting dishes.

Happy Halloween

Iberian meatballs with spiced pumpkin and chickpea stew and Curried pumpkin soup with coconut milk are today's recipes.

Local News in your area

Views of the Soller Valley.

Spotlight on Soller

The Ex Pat community plays a huge part in the fund raising activities here and are always unfailingly generous with their time and money.

Weekend Food

Kale & Fresh Herb Soup with crumbled Feta.

Working class hero

Marc Fosh is the first and only British Chef to be awarded a Michelin Star in Spain.

Recipes for today are Kale & Pistachio Pesto and Kale & Fresh Herb soup with crumbled feta.


Loquat trees will already have small bunches of blossom.

Gardening in Majorca

It really is growing season all year round so no matter what seeds you put in the ground you can be sure they will germinate, all of the ones we consider ‘spring vegetables’ in Northern gardens will thrive if planted now.

Did You Know

Glycerine soap can be bought from Mercadona.

Words and more...

It was the biggest surprise of the year and to make it last as long as possible I’ll use it only for showering — I’ll wash my hands with a glycerine soap from Mercadona.