📣 This summer we launched the FotoColab Sa Dragonera, a crowd sourced collection of photos above 🐠🐟🐳🐋 and below the water 🌳☀🐢, with the support of the Marilles Foundation. This new activity helps us harness the benefits of collaboration. All participants of our Photo Collaboration are winners, and all of their photos will be combined into a large collage of the Sa Dragonera Marine Protected Area. 🔝We want to thank the collaborators Falcao Uno, Paralenz, e3 Systems and once again Mallorquinament - Begudes Puig for their support and involvement.

18-10-2019Youtube: SAVE THE MED FOUNDATION

“I almost feel like I am diving and exploring the underwater world when I walk among these structures. It’s impressive!” one of the visitors said while moving between the exhibits, which are over two metres tall. Each piece inter-connects 18 photos from above and beneath the waters of Dragonera Island.

The exhibition, which is open to the public until the end of November, is part of a new community leadership project named ‘Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera´.

During the summer of 2019, individuals from the area of Andratx were invited to participate in the “PhotoCollab” by sending in photos of their marine protected area. Through their participation they contributed 101 photographs of Dragonera Island and its wildlife towards a collaborative art project. Last week, during the opening of the exposition Dragonera Blava, meaning Blue Dragonera, their photographs were displayed to the public for the first time.

“It’s amazing to see my photo up there! This is more than I could ever have imagined!” said a proud Gabi, who was one of the participants in the PhotoCollab.

Carefully combined on a massive artistic structure made of a combination of wood and metal and built manually by artists Emma Glinksi and Nicholas Taylor, the collaborative piece of art work offers both depth and prominence to each photo whilst generating an immersive feeling.

“As a kid I visited Dragonera and I have always been in love with the areas of the Tramuntana.” Emma Glinski said of her massive collage. “It’s an area of outstanding natural beauty and I think it’s important to love it and to take care of it as much as possible. In the beginning I didn’t think that I could help because I’m an artist, but really I think everyone can get involved no matter what. Every little bit helps.” she concluded.

The background on which each of the photos are attached represents Dragonera’s rocky marine habitat which provides shelter to a variety of marine animals, while the motifs on the photos represent not only a variation of marine biodiversity but also the human relationship to Dragonera Island and its beautiful marine world.

The exhibition

On the walls, the project logo and beautiful illustrations of the Dragonera Island and the Tramuntana, designed by the young illustrator Javier Pérez de Amezaga Tomás, are hanging alongside historical photographs taken by photographer Eduardo Miralles who documented the early struggle for the protection of Sa Dragonera that took place more than 40 years ago.

The event, coordinated by Valerie Pimentel from Save The Med and supported by Marilles Foundation was accompanied by the tunes of the charismatic band Monkey Doo and made possible thanks to collaborators such as the City Council of Andratx, Begudes Puig, MomPort, Aico Audiovisuales and of course all the participants of the project!

In addition to highlighting the beauty and value of Dragonera Island and marine reserve, the event proved once more that collaboration and community involvement are key to successful and lasting marine protection. And of course, at Save The Med we believe that everyone can get involved! Therefore, the exhibition will be open to the public at Andratx Town Hall, Monday to Friday 9-13 until the end of November.

Exhibition and dynamic workshops for school students 18 and 19 of November

Special days will be reserved for schools students who are invited to visit the exhibition and participate in educational, interactive workshops for all ages on November 18 and 19. Sign ups are required for the workshops. If interested, contact ana@savethemed.org. Spots are limited!

Last chance for tickets to see the inspirational speaker Bea Johnson!

The 20 of November Bea Johnson, world renowned speaker, best selling author and pioneer of the Zero Waste movement, is coming to Majorca to share her uplifting story with everyone who’d like to learn more about how to live a low impact lifestyle. Get your tickets at www.truiteatre.es!


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