Debris in the Port after the storms

Debris in the Port after the storms.

01-01-2020Rachel Fox

For the last 10 years Spotlight on Soller has been keeping you company on Tuesdays. The big and small stories of our community have found their way on to these pages. Readers often contact me to say they know more about what’s going on in Soller than in their hometowns in Spain or the UK.

We are famous in all sorts of places and Soller is on the map. We are a part of the growth story in popularity of the Tramuntana region of Majorca. The tourists increase annually and bring with them their bikes and walking poles. This has augmented the long time popularity of our horseshoe bay and bucket and spade holidays in Puerto Soller. We are not quite an all year resort but we claim the 10 month a year prize.

This weeks headline news was for a Café fire in Soller Square. A kitchen appliance caught light and customers and staff quickly evacuated the building. No injuries but a lot of dirty walls to clean after the event. Fire engines and sirens dominated our morning so all knew something unusual was happening. Small town Soller always pricks up its ears at the sound of a siren as they are so rare in our world. The day after the fire the workers were out in force to repair the damage and get this much loved café open again.

The Christmas week’s stories have all been dominated by the stunning weather. Sunshine days and temperatures at noon around 20 degrees were such a pleasure. The whole world is a better place in the sunshine. This, of course, meant that the Christmas and Boxing Day swimmers were out in force. The debris created by storm damage two weeks ago had all been gathered to one end of the beach ready for clearance. This meant vast expanses of beach for children to play on in the sun. It was great to watch everyone having such a good time.

Seven years ago, in 2012 thousands of tons of sand were imported to create a new beach outside the Espendido area of the Port. Erosion, storms and a lack of funding has seen half of this washed away. This week the politicians announced more investment for the improvement to the beach. Whether this will be in time for the 2020 season remains to be seen. The new sand, at the time, joined the building up of the sea wall and the re siting of the tram track along the seafront. The renovations at that time gave voice to those who thought it was a vast improvement to those who said it was all too municipal. From the accessibility point of view, the walk in front of the sea has delighted wheelchair users and walkers with limited mobility. So many things have to be taken into account in town planning.

New Years Eve in Soller takes on a traditional form. The square is the meeting place by around 11.30 pm. Champagne, Cava and Grapes will be at the ready. Celebrations will have taken places in houses and restaurants in the hours before. Tradition says that everyone tumbles out into the square for the chimes, cava and fireworks. The Soller Tram runs free all night to make the Soller Valley one big party from town to port.

2020 is a new decade and the time recently elected local politicians have, to make a difference to our lives here. New people come to live amongst us every month and for some this is their first New Year Soller style. The Soller Valley is an ever changing social mix of incomers and those whose families have centuries of history here. We are a 2020 melting pot which merges together rather well. This is most evident on New Years Eve where traditional kisses and greetings are exchanged to all.

Times change and the years roll on with the Tramuntana mountains as our backdrop. They are the constant in our lives as the world spins on its 2020 axis. The Golden Bowl of Soller nestling in the Valley of the mountains is undeniably beautiful. As the sun sets and the mountains turn pink we know we are in our special place in the universe. We are centred and have found our home.

A very Happy New Year to you all and thank you for reading Spotlight on Soller.


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